Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Griddled mushroom and halloumi salad

This is a bit of an April to October working lunch for me. Fat mushrooms and seasonal leaves from Friday's veg box, with halloumi and chilli from the fridge and lashings of grassy olive oil and salt and pepper.

Don't be bound by specific quantities here, but as a guide I use one huge mushroom and a third of a pack of halloumi for myself. Please let me know if that's unnaturally greedy?

Slice the mushroom and halloumi into robust slices and fry together in a ridged pan for about 3 minutes a side. Towards the end, toss in a squashed garlic clove and as a much chilli as you dare. Meanwhile, make a bed of seasonal salad leaves in a bowl. Place the griddled mushrooms and halloumi onto the leaves and drizzle over the chilli garlicky oil. Season generously with salt and pepper...

...and I write this unashamedly with coffe and custard cream in hand!

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